FAST Water Network Directory

The FAST Water Network Directory connects researchers, new technology providers, and other innovators in the water industry with test facilities appropriate for their needs. It assists in the development and piloting of technology at various scales to help manage risk and accelerate the adoption of innovation. The directory below helps innovators locate potential facilities for testing new technologies at various scales to help manage risk and accelerate the adoption of innovation.

Join the FAST Water Network

Water facilities that are interested in being included in the network and directory should complete and submit the following form.

Instructions: Please click on a map pin to view a facility and download its information form (PDF).

Please note: Locations on map are approximate.


  • green tooltip pin Level 1: A university or research lab that can assist with bench-scale work but is not dedicated to piloting new technologies
  • blue tooltip pin Level 2: A water resource recovery facility that is interested in innovation and willing to host a project, but does not have a dedicated test facility
  • orange tooltip pin Level 3: A water resource recovery facility or research lab with a dedicated physical space available for piloting innovative water technology
  • red tooltip pin Level 4: A staffed facility dedicated solely to R&D/piloting of new technologies (can be housed at a functioning WRRF)