WRF Technology Scan Webcast Series: Asset Management

The Water Research Foundation's Technology Scan webcasts are designed to help you become a Utility of the Future! This webcast is focused on innovative water technologies related to asset management. The following products and systems will be featured during the presentation:

SAM4: Proactively Manage Your Assets in Water and Wastewater Processes – Semiotic Labs
SAM4 is a plug and play predictive maintenance solution for industrial electric motors and rotating equipment, including pumps. SAM4 monitors 24/7, detects potential failures up to five months in advance, and alerts users when issues are detected. SAM4 detects over 90% of failures (vs. 50-60% for traditional vibration systems) because it analyzes electrical waveforms from inside the motor control cabinet.

Ziptility – Ziptility
Ziptility is an all-in-one infrastructure management app that helps utilities ditch paper locates, work orders, maintenance logs, and mapping with a single solution. With unlimited users and devices, utilities are able to rely on all members of their utility—from their field and crew staff to office employees—to better find, fix, and manage infrastructure assets in real time.

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