Water Reuse 101

Web Tool

Reuse 101 is designed to help change the way we think of water to meet the growing demand for it. It has a library of short videos on Think & Drink Water; How Reuse Works; and Expert Voices from the field who explain different reuse methods and their application. The videos use tangible concepts to explain in simple terms how treatment processes work, what we really need to know about water, the future of water, how we can help, and more. It contains tools that are simple enough to understand, but technical enough to trust. 

Reuse 101 also includes an interactive Global Connections Map that shows science and safety at 23 sites with 100 short videos. It includes case studies and videos for each of the profiled projects where local experts discuss water quality monitoring and testing – demonstrating public health reliability and earning community trust. Each site shares how local communities benefit from potable recycling, the technologies involved, and reinforces the safety of reused water. 



The Think and Drink videos, as well as a gallery of images from the animations, are available to subscribers for use in education and outreach. These products were developed in partnership with the Australian Water Recycling Centre of Excellence. 

Think and Drink Water Videos

How Reuse Works Videos

Expert Voices Videos


Global Connections Maps

Use this interactive map to learn about places around the world that are using recycled water for drinking. The map includes case studies and videos for the profiled projects.