State of the Science of Plastic Pipe

Jul 10, 2019
​​Water utilities need current information on plastic pipe performance, life cycle cost, and best practices for design and construction in order to select the most appropriate pipe material for each application. Utility case studies are not well documented in the published literature. Utility experiences with plastic pipe failure have been compiled in several surveys; however, when surveys do not compile ancillary data (e.g., pipe age, system pressure, soil conditions) along with failure data, it is difficult to use survey results to draw conclusions about the aggregate performance of pipe materials. This webcast, presented by Kathy Martel, P.E., provided an overview of research findings from WRF report, State of the Science: Plastic Pipe (4680). This report includes a literature review and documentation of utility case studies from a project workshop. Webcast topics included characteristics of PVC and HDPE pipe, technical performance of these pipe materials, pipe selection criteria used by different utilities, life cycle cost, design and construction issues, and operations and maintenance considerations.​