Preparedness and Response Practices to Support Water System Resilience: Fundamentals, Good Practices, and Innovations

div>Have you ever wondered how other utilities prepare for emergencies? Do they know something that you don’t? While there is a lot of guidance about how to plan for emergencies, there hasn’t been a summary of what utilities are actually doing. This webcast discussed the findings of Innovative Preparedness and Response Practices to Support Water System Resilience (#4601). Participants will learn about practices in other sectors that could be used in the water sector, a variety of fundamentals and good practices in use at utilities, as well as some innovative practices to consider. The project findings were gathered through surveys and interviews of utilities, state primacy agencies, public health agencies, and emergency management agency staff. This Webcast is designed to provide participants with a variety of ideas (some easy and some more challenging)  to better support all hazards resiliency at their water utility.

div>Research Partner: American Water Works Association.