Greenhouse Gas Emissions in the Water Sector: Let’s Uncover the Basics!


Global water use, storage, and distribution contribute 10% of global greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, making them key to the net-zero transition (Source: CDP). Government agencies are recognizing the role the water sector plays in addressing GHG emissions. For example, the U.S Department of Energy just issued a $23 million funding opportunity announcement to drive innovation to decarbonize the entire life cycle of water resource recovery facilities. The sector is actively trying to move closer to a net-zero economy. However, there are still doubts about the importance of decarbonizing and the basics around GHGs. Are you curious to learn more about GHGs in the water sector?

Join a panel of experts as we dive deeper into GHGs. This webcast will provide a high-level overview of GHGs, including classification, scope(s), reporting methodologies, current best management practices, overview of global long-term strategies, and how we can help by doing our part.


  • David Ponder, Environmental Analyst, Metropolitan Council of the Twin Cities
  • John Willis, Vice President, Wastewater Solutions, Brown and Caldwell
  • Christine Polo, Senior Technologist, Biosolids and Sustainability, Carollo Engineers
  • Emma Shen, PhD, P.Eng, Global Technology Lead, Wastewater Energy Optimization and Sector Decarbonization, Jacobs


  • Ashwin Dhanasekar, Research Program Manager, The Water Research Foundation