Database of Drinking Water Qualities in the United States and Canada

Jun 9, 2019
Web Tool
Project 4191 was designed to identify and prioritize key water quality characteristics and changes that might adversely impact the performance and leaching of nonleaded brasses in drinking water distribution systems over typical component lifetimes. The formation of the passivating layers, and thus the corrosion and metal-release behavior, is mainly driven by material property and water quality. To cover both of these factors, it was necessary to identify so-called “corner waters,” which represent a high percentage of the drinking water distributed in North America. Based on statistics and the experiences of water utilities and other drinking water specialists, five corner waters were identified that were used to perform the long-term migration experiments (see Chapter 2). In this context, a database was created in which the distributed water qualities in the large cities and metropolitan regions of the United States and Canada were summarized.