Biological Stability Analysis Tool

Web Tool

Download the biostability assessment tool (BSAT), which was developed as part of project #4312. The tool is a Microsoft© Excel-based macro developed for Excel 2007 or later versions. The tool is intended to allow utilities to (1) track historical data, (2) benchmark data against results from this project, (3) assess system stability over time, and (4) identify controlling factors influencing biological stability on a site-specific basis. With this tool, the user can select specific water stability metrics to evaluate, such as disinfectant residual stability, biofilm formation rate, and corrosion rate. The user can then determine which factors are most associated with instability in their own system, and what threshold values are important. This will allow the utility to identify potential instability causes and to develop meaningful operational criteria to achieve their own stability goals. A User’s Guide is also available.