Biogas Harvester Demonstration


Associated Project

Utilities are currently looking for ways to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions. A biogas harvester could serve as a first step in addressing utility greenhouse emissions, as well as corrosion, odor, and safety issues caused by methane and hydrogen sulfide in collection systems, preliminary and primary treatment, and solids handling. This project, Biogas Harvester Demonstration (5045), examined the harvester’s effectiveness recovering methane, hydrogen sulfide, carbon dioxide, and other gases as a function of removal efficiencies and remaining concentrations of uncaptured gases; refined the system details and appurtenant mechanical systems to optimize effectiveness; determined the feasibility of removing headworks and/or primary treatment odor control; and estimated associated greenhouse gas emissions reductions.  

The webcast presentation will include an introduction of the project objectives, pilot study results, and lessons learned. 


John Willis, Vice President, Wastewater Solutions, Brown and Caldwell 

Sydney Salit, Senior Staff Environmental Engineer, Brown and Caldwell


Sydney Samples, Research Program Manager, The Water Research Foundation