Advancing the Implementation of Potable Reuse


This webcast is in partnership with Metropolitan Water District and the California State Water Resources Control Board and is free and open to the public.

Potable reuse, purified advanced treated water that augments drinking water supplies, is key to resilience in drought prone areas, as well as in other communities around the world that would benefit from potable reuse for other reasons. This webcast will feature key findings from two recent WRF research projects that can improve and streamline potable reuse implementation.

Impact of Wastewater Treatment Performance on Advanced Water Treatment Processes and Finished Water Quality (4833) assessed the impacts of wastewater effluent quality on different advanced water treatment processes, focusing on whole system impacts, performance, and economics. This webcast will share a set of practical tools, including a cause-and-effect database, decision support flow chart, and case studies, that were developed through the project and can be used to help utilities choose the best path for implementing potable reuse.

The results from Considerations and Blending Strategies for Drinking Water System Integration with Alternative Water Supplies (4953) will also be presented. This project looked at strategies for managing the integration of alternative water supply sources into existing drinking water systems and mitigating any adverse impacts. The project deliverables include a framework for identifying distribution system and customer premise plumbing water quality impacts, an applied framework for testing corrosion and biological growth with potable reuse water, and guidance to help utilities maintain distribution system water quality while integrating new supplies and strategies.


  • Eva Steinle-Darling, PhD, PE, Water Reuse Technical Practice Director, Carollo Engineers
  • Laura McLellan, Senior Environmental Scientist, Recycled Water and Desalination Unit Chief, Division of Water Quality, State Water Resources Control Board
  • Nicole Blute, PhD, PE, Vice President, Director of Drinking Water Process Technologies, Hazen and Sawyer
  • Daniel Giammar, PhD, Walter E. Browne Professor of Environmental Engineering, Energy, Environmental & Chemical Engineering, Washington University in St. Louis
  • Warren Teitz, ENV-SP, Resource Development Team Manager, Metropolitan Water District of Southern California


  • Julie Minton, Research Unit Leader, The Water Research Foundation