Project #4906

West Basin Municipal Water District Custom Engineered Membrane Filtration Pilot: Evaluation of Fouling Characteristics and Cleaning Efficacy

In Progress
Principal Investigator
Research Manager
Ms. Stephanie Fevig, PE
West Basin Municipal Water District
Advanced Treatment


The primary objective of this project is to evaluate five polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF) membrane modules for their performance treating ozonated secondary effluent water. The project will include a background review, test protocol development, and evaluation of PVDF membrane modules. Research tasks will include the:

  1. Implementation of a focused approach with defined objectives, test parameters, sampling/monitoring requirements, and deliverables 
  2. Determination of membrane flux, backwash, and “clean in place” strategy
  3. Development and verification of a custom engineered design and operating parameter range that can be applied to various membranes
  4. Determination of the efficacy of various backwash procedures and establishment of effective removal of foulants on membranes
  5. Determination of the optimum dose for coagulant used with PVDF membranes 
  6. Preparation of design information that can be used for a custom engineered membrane system for West Basin Municipal Water District on ozonated secondary effluent.

Originally funded as WERF project WRF1728.