Project #4372

Water Audits and Real Loss Component Analysis

Principal Investigator
Research Manager
Ms. Maureen Hodgins
Water Systems Optimization Inc.
Water Loss


The purpose of this project is to help the North American water industry design efficient and sustainable leakage control programs. The project has been divided into two segments. Real Loss Component Analysis: A Tool for Economic Water Loss Control (Order #4372a) provides water utilities with an analysis tool to better understand the sources of their real water losses (reported, un-reported, or background) and a means of analyzing their economic intervention strategies. This project improves the quality of standard leakage component analysis and compliments the AWWA Water Audits and Loss Control Program (M36), 3rd edition. In addition to the research report, the project produced two spreadsheet tools: a Leakage Component Analysis (LCA) Model and the Leak Repair Data Collection Guide, which are available on this project page under Project Resources/Web Tools. Please note that the tools should be downloaded using the Chrome browser, not Internet Explorer. 4372a was published in June 2014.

Water Audits in the United States: A Review of Water Losses and Data Validity (Order #4372b) summarizes state regulations on water loss reporting and analyzes 4,575 water audits (that follow AWWA water audit methodology) submitted to the California Urban Water Conservation Council, Georgia EPA, Texas Water Development Board, Tennessee Comptroller of the Treasury, and the Delaware River Basin Commission from 2011-2014. The results provide a national snapshot of water loss reporting, including an assessment of water audit validity and median results for key performance indicators.

In addition, articles about this project were published in the April 2016 issue of Opflow and the February 2016 issue of Journal AWWA. The articles are posted below under Project Papers.

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