Project #1518

Uncertainty Evaluations in Model-Based WRRF Design for High-Level Nutrient Removal: Literature Review and Research Needs

Principal Investigator
Research Manager
Dr. Amit Pramanik
Primodal, Inc.
Biological Nutrient Removal


This Issue Paper provides a detailed summary on the state of the art of uncertainty evaluation, identifies knowledge gaps, discusses the need to extend good modeling practice in the area of model reliability and explicit uncertainty evaluations, and presents the research needs for the development of a methodology to assist engineers in the incorporation of uncertainty evaluations in model-based wastewater treatment facility design. It highlights the opportunities that explicit uncertainty evaluation provides to trade-off cost and probability of non-compliance associated with designing high-level nutrient removal systems. This work was performed in conjunction with the IWA Task Group on Design and Operational Uncertainty (DOUT). Published by WERF. 54 pages. Online PDF. (2013)

Originally funded as WERF project NUTR1R06q.