Project #4716

Refinement and Standardization of Cyanotoxin Analytical Techniques for Drinking Water

In Progress
Principal Investigator
Y. Carrie
Research Manager
Ms. Julie Minton
Metropolitan Water District of So California
Cyanobacteria & Cyanotoxins
Source Water Protection


At present, there is uncertainty relating to the state of the art for screening and confirmation of cyanotoxin samples. Water utilities need robust and dependable methods in order to monitor cyanotoxins in the source water, through the treatment process, and at the tap as well as to make appropriate decisions regarding operations and public notifications.

This research will evaluate existing chemical and biological methods for the analysis of cyanotoxins at extremely low detection levels in raw and finished drinking water and provide unified methods and practical analytical guidelines for utilities to improve the quality of monitoring efforts. The end products of this project will include standardized and streamlined procedures to increase the accuracy, precision, and overall quality of cyanotoxin monitoring. This will provide water utilities with a clear path forward and help provide a solid foundation for future cyanotoxin research and regulatory decisions.