Project #4970

Obstacles and Solutions for Risk-Based Planning for Smaller Utilities and Limited Budgets

Principal Investigator
Research Manager
Ms. Mary Smith
Climate Change
Integrated Planning & Water Management
Risk Assessment
Water Supply Planning


Integrated, risk-based planning can help utilities account for, and overcome, challenges such as aging infrastructure, population shifts, climate change, and stricter regulatory requirements, along with the uncertainty that surrounds these challenges. However, successful implementation of these planning efforts can be out of reach for smaller utilities with limited resources. This project addressed this gap by focusing specifically on small utilities, proactively seeking their input in developing a strategy to successfully implement integrated, risk-based planning strategies that also address social equity issues within their unique constraints. This project developed (1) a framework that leverages and refines existing resources to address issues specific to small utilities, and (2) a training program to deliver tools and resources to small utilities in a format accessible to staff with limited time and resources. Published in 2022.