Project #1489

Modeling Guidance for Developing Site-Specific Nutrient Goals

Principal Investigator
Research Manager
Ms. Lola Olabode
LimnoTech, Inc.
Water Quality
Source & Receiving Waters


This research report presents guidance and tools for the use of models to set waterbody-specific nutrient goals, including Numeric Nutrient Criteria NNC and allowable nutrient loadings. The developed Nutrient Modeling Toolbox contains 30 models capable of quantifying the relationship between nutrient loads and their impacts in terms of water quality or ecological response indicators. A Model Selection Decision Tool (MSDT) guides users in selecting potential models for their specific site, condition, response indicator(s), and available data and resources. The Toolbox forms the basis of the MSDT, which is a software program that prompts Toolbox users for details about their site and matches that with model characteristics to identify potentially applicable models to meet their needs. Seven case studies demonstrate the application of the modeling concepts. Published by WERF. 346 pages. Online PDF, and Nutrient Modeling Toolbox. (2013, updated in 2015 to include the seventh case study.)


*LINK1T11PDF - The online final report PDF and the Nutrient Modeling Toolbox are delivered together in a downloaded archive (.zip) file. Last updated on 6/19/13

** LINK1T11T – Nutrient Modeling Toolbox (NMT) and Guidance Bundle contains (LINK1T11, ES-LINK1T11, WERF3C10 & 99WSM3)

Originally funded as WERF project LINK1T11.