Project #4164

Lead and Copper Corrosion Control in New Construction

Principal Investigator
Research Manager
Traci L Case
Virginia Polytechnic Institute & State University
Lead & Copper
Water Quality


This project developed guidance on how to minimize and/or prevent lead and copper corrosion in the premise plumbing in new or rehabilitated construction projects, including, but not limited to, sites where sampling in buildings is required under the Lead and Copper Rule. Included are recommendations on premise plumbing disinfection procedures and how they can affect lead and copper corrosion in new building construction. Published in 2011. The final deliverables are a report and brochure. The brochure is designed for utilities to distribute to plumbers and building managers. The brochure is included with the report, can be ordered in a full color print version, and can be downloaded as an Adobe Acrobat file. Also, if you have the capability to use Adobe InDesign, the brochure files have been provided to add your logo or reformat for your needs. We ask that you do not change the content or remove our logo from the back cover.