Project #1183

Factors for Success in Developing Use Attainability Analyses

Principal Investigator
Research Manager
Dr. Daniel M. Woltering, Ph.D.
LimnoTech, Inc.
Utility Management
Customer Relations & Stakeholder Engagement


The objective of this research was to identify factors for success in the UAA process, and to then develop guidance for users to apply these factors. The research identifies, highlights, and analyzes the major challenges faced in the UAA process and reports on the common lessons learned from how these challenges were addressed. The overall result of this research is a user's guide to UAAs. This guidance is designed to inform stakeholders of critical factors in UAAs and related information needs. The findings and recommendations are intended to help those involved make well-informed, well-supported, and well-documented decisions throughout the UAA process. Published by WERF. 190 pages. Soft cover and online PDF. (2007)

Originally funded as WERF project 04-WEM-1.