Project #4568

Evaluation of Innovative Reflectance Based UV for Enhanced Disinfection and Advanced Oxidation

Principal Investigator
Research Manager
Ms. Mary Smith
Carollo Engineers
Advanced Treatment
Energy Optimization


This project explored innovative treatment technologies to improve the efficiency and operation of water utilities nationally. As part of this effort, WRF partnered with Isle Inc., an independent technology and innovation consultancy specializing in clean water technologies. WRF and Isle have been working together to develop technology trials for selected technologies identified by Isle’s Technology Approval Group (TAG). One of the first technologies to be recommended for testing, the Neotech Aqua Solutions, Inc. (Neotech) ultraviolet light (UV) reactor, was the focus of this project. Utility interest and financial support for this project came from the East Bay Municipal Utility District (EBMUD), Denver Water, New York City Department of Environmental Protection, and the City of Fort Collins. EBMUD has a UV system at its Walnut Creek Water Treatment Plant, and hosted the pilot testing of the Neotech UV reactor with a goal of demonstrating the energy efficiency (energy use per volume of treated water) of the Neotech reactor compared to their existing UV system and other UV systems. Published in 2017.