Project #4548

Cyanotoxin Guides for Water Utility Managers

Research Manager
Dr. Djanette Khiari
AWWA Government Affairs Office


The purpose of this project is to develop two cyanotoxin utility action guides designed for use by water utility management and staff, plus a list of research needs. The first deliverable, #4548a, is a succinct summary of cyanotoxin occurrence trends, potential health effects, preemptive and mitigation strategies, and mitigation challenges. This guide is intended to help water utility managers recognize if cyanotoxins may be an issue for their utility and what initial steps to consider. #4548a was published in April 2015 and titled, A Water Utility Manager Guide to Cyanotoxins. The second deliverable, #4548b, is an action-oriented synthesis of relevant literature for utility personnel and the water utility community, providing information necessary to guide development of a technically sound evaluation of cyanotoxins as a water quality concern for the drinking water supply and appropriate mitigation measures. #4548b was published in September 2016 and titled, Managing Cyanotoxins in Drinking Water: A Technical Guidance Manual for Drinking Water Professionals. The third deliverable will identify data gaps and identify future research projects. Research partner: AWWA.