Project #4672

Co-funding for: CyanoTOX Field Validation and Enhancement Related to Chemical and ELISA Kinetics

Research Manager
Dr. Djanette Khiari
American Water Works Association
Cyanobacteria & Cyanotoxins


The Hazen-Adams CyanoTOX model provides users with the ability to calculate the oxidative removal of various cyanotoxins (microcystins, cylindrospermopsin and anatoxin a) by varied oxidants (free chlorine, monochloramine, chlorine dioxide, permanganate and ozone) under a variety of conditions (pH, temperature, oxidant exposure, demand and decay, etc.). Additionally, CyanoTOX Version 3.0 now has a "stand-alone lysing module" that allows modeling of intra- and extra-cellular toxins through the water treatment plant. In the stand-alone lysing module, the water treatment plant is divided into four zones (i.e., intake, coagulation/flocculation/sedimendation, filtration, and post-filter disinfection) and includes modeling of the release of intracellular toxins, removal of cyanobacteria in the settling basin, release of toxins on filters, biofiltration/sorptive removal of extracellular toxins on filters, and powdered activated carbon removal of extracellular toxins. WRF provided co-funding towards this project. Research Partners: American Water Works Association. Published in 2020.