Project #5043

Assessing the Impacts of Backwash Practice on Biofiltration Operation and Performance

In Progress
Principal Investigator
Research Manager
Dr. Hyunyoung Jang
Gwinnett County Water Resources
Water Quality


Many potable water production utilities across North America use biofiltration, and backwashing is the primary means for process control to restore filtration capacity. Further refining our understanding of backwashing is of key importance for biofiltration. While the physical impacts of backwashing have been studied, additional investigation regarding impacts on biological activity and biological degradation efficacy is warranted.

This project evaluated backwashing strategies specific to biofiltration for optimizing filter hydraulics and organic matter removal. This work provides guidance to utilities on how disinfectants in backwash water impact bioactivity, subsequent performance necessary to meet water quality and water production goals, and how to validate pilot testing data by implementing parallel backwashing practice trials at full-scale. Published in 2022.

Research Partner: Gwinnett County Water Resources