Linkages in Receiving Water Quality

May 22, 2020

The development of scientifically sound nutrient goals (e.g., TMDLs and site‐specific numeric criteria) that produce ecologically relevant outcomes remains one of the highest‐profile challenges facing states and the regulated community.  Other water quality constituents such as total dissolved solids-TDS, chlorophyll a, pathogens, chlorides, etc. remain a regulatory challenge.

WRF is best suited and well poised to lead in the coordination of empowering states, and various WRF water quality utilities and leaders to fully engage in the development of independent methods for confirming linkages between receiving water quality, wastewater discharges, and other sources.


Project List

2019 Roadmap on prioritizing research in both permitting and linkages

  • Project Number: 5038
  • Year Completed: 2020

Modeling Guidance for Developing Site-Specific Nutrient Goals – Demonstration, Screening‐Level Application

  • Project Number: 4815 / LINK4T17
  • Year Completed: 2019

Establishing Methods for Numeric Nutrient Target-Setting

  • Project Number: 4814 / LINK3R16
  • Year Completed: 2017

Developing Site-Specific Nutrient Goals – Demonstration: Boulder Creek, Colorado

  • Project Number: LINK2T14
  • Year Completed: 2015

Modeling Guidance for Developing Site-Specific Nutrient Goals

  • Project Number: LINK1T11
  • Year Completed: 2015

Linking Receiving Water Impacts to Sources and to Water Quality Management Decisions: Using Nutrients as an Initial Case Study

  • Project Number: WERF3C10
  • Year Completed: 2010

Advisory Committee Members

  • Renee L Bourdeau, PE, Horsley Witten Group
  • Steven J. Peene, Ph.D., Applied Technology and Management, Inc.
  • Xueqing Gao, Ph.D., Florida Department of Health, Onsite Sewage Programs
  • Bret Linenfelser, City of Boulder
  • Jim Pletl, Ph.D., Hampton Roads Sanitation District
  • Rajendra (Raj) P. Bhattarai, P.E., BCEE, Austin Water Utility, Austin, TX retired
  • Matthew S. Wooten, Northern Kentucky Sanitation District No. 1 (SD1) 
  • Steve Whitlock, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
  • Paul E. Stacey, Footprints In The Water LLC