Interview with Gary Burlingame

Apr 3, 2024
By Angelina Dinsmore, The Water Research Foundation

Gary Burlingame Reminisces on Learning and Growing Alongside WRF

When Gary Burlingame started his undergraduate studies at Drexel University in 1976, he was undecided on what to study but knew he wanted to make a difference in the world. At the beginning of his Co-Op program (six months schooling and six months working), Gary started working in the quality control laboratory of a Philadelphia brewery, and then ultimately found his home in the laboratory of the Philadelphia Water Department (PWD). While it was never his long-term plan, the research remained stimulating and rewarding, so he just never stopped. While Gary could have become a Brew Master in a quaint mountain town, The Water Research Foundation (WRF) is eternally grateful he chose research.

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Water is a pretty good thing—I like fishing, I like canoeing, I like swimming—I like environmental things, and water is essential to the environment.”

Gary Burlingame