Advancing System-Level Resilience for Water Infrastructure

May 22, 2020

While water infrastructure is deteriorating, water utilities are also faced with many challenges, including severe/extreme weather events, climate change, earthquake, flood/drought. America's Water Infrastructure Act (AWIA) enacted in 2018 requires water utilities to conduct risk and resiliency assessments. It is crucial to improve system-level resilience for water infrastructure so that water utilities can adapt to ambient changes, are prepared to effectively respond to various risks, and meet regulatory requirements.

This research area will incorporate resilience considerations in the entire life cycle of a water/wastewater/stormwater infrastructure system, including planning, design, operations, and maintenance; explicitly identify and quantify risks and develop performance objectives relative to those risks; specify dependencies on other systems, such as power, telecom, fuel, transportation, and chemicals; and develop resilience guidelines for operational aspects of a water/wastewater/stormwater infrastructure system. 


Project List

Coming soon.

Advisory Committee Members

  • Mike Britch, TVWD
  • Azya Jackson, LA Sanitation
  • Alan Cohn, NYCDEP
  • Xavier Irias, EBMUD
  • Bart Weiss, Hillsborough County
  • Kevin Morley, AWWA