​The Facilitated Research Services program enables Water Research Foundation utility subscribers to tap into our expertise in research management and site-specific procurement processes. Water utilities often require research to solve local, regional, or niche issues; WRF is available to manage these projects on an at-cost basis.

​Under this program, the management processes for research funded under the Facilitated Research Services is fully funded by a specific utility or group of utilities. Participants benefit directly from independent management of research and tailored communication of results, and by association to WRF’s long-standing, scientific credibility.
How it works
  • Project ideas typically are identified by a utility subscriber or groups of subscribers. Water Research Foundation staff may also identify research to address an issue that is common to a group of subscribers and is not being addressed through the Foundation’s other research programs.
  • Projects may include traditional research efforts, the convening of workshops and/or panels of experts to address an issue of interest, development of state-of-the-science documents on given topics, or any other research effort of interest to the sponsoring utility(ies).
  • Projects typically are procured through a competitive RFP process. In some instances a project may be sole-sourced to a qualified researcher. WRF staff can assist in identifying an appropriate researcher(s) for the work.
For additional information about the Facilitated Research Services program, please contact John Albert, Chief Research Officer, at jalbert@waterrf.org or 303.734.3413.