The purpose of Water Research Foundation’s research programs is to create measurable value through strategically targeted research that provides timely solutions to the most important subscriber needs and challenges.

Our research is managed within three distinct research programs. Our Research Priority Area Program identifies a limited number of broadly relevant subscriber issues and solves them with a targeted, multi-year research response. The Emerging Opportunities Program enables us to respond quickly to emergent subscriber challenges and research opportunities identified at any time throughout the year. The Tailored Collaboration Program allows us to partner with utility subscribers on research that may be more limited or regional in impact.

Together, they allow us to provide timely research solutions to subscribers’ most important needs and challenges; ensure credible, scientifically sound research results; leverage subscriber investment through collaboration; and achieve an appropriate balance among industry-wide vs. specialized needs as well as short-term and long-term challenges.

Additionally, our Facilitated Research Services provides the opportunity for our subscribers to tap into WRF’s research management expertise to solve local, regional or niche issues.
Volunteer for Project Advisory Committees
All projects under our three core research programs are overseen, from beginning to end, by Project Advisory Committees.