Title:Integrated Process Management for Drinking Water and Wastewater Treatment Operations Research Roadmap
The water industry is increasingly planning for an integrated approach to managing water systems (water, wastewater, stormwater, and recycled water). Although most research to date has focused on the planning frameworks for water system management, WRF's recently published project #4677, Integrated Treatment Process Management (ITPM) for Drinking Water and Wastewater Treatment Operations: Research Roadmap, investigated operational opportunities for integrated water system management.

The ITPM approach to treatment operations is a holistic approach where water management agencies work collaboratively to develop treatment practices which can offer significant benefits. This webcast highlighted the project, which evaluated the existing ITPM research, presented case studies, and developed a suite of suggested research concepts that offer meaningful opportunities to advance the practice of ITPM.
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Presented by Erin D. Mackey PhD, PE, Supervising Engineer and Wendy Broley, Brown and Caldwell

Moderated by Leanne Miller, PE, Research Manager, Water Research Foundation
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