Title:Webcast: Hexavalent Chromium Treatment with New Ion Exchange Resins and Reduction/Coagulation/Microfiltration
This Webcast shared the results of two hexavalent chromium treatment projects 4423 and 4365​. Both studies built upon the original body of research at Glendale Water & Power to test advancements in treatment technologies including microfiltration in the reduction/coagulation/filtration process (project #4365), and evaluation of new resins and adsorptive media at two different water agencies (project #4423). The presentation began with a discussion of City of Glendale’s research program, follow with the findings of these two recent studies, and then provided an example of California Water Service Company’s road to implementation of study findings for compliance with the new regulatory limit in California.
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Nicole Blute, PhD, Vice President, Hazen and Sawyer, P.C. 
Donald Froelich, Water Utility Director, Glendale Water and Power
Tarrah Henrie, Water Quality Manager, California Water Service 
Hsiao-Wen Chen, PhD, Research Manager, Water Research Foundation 
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