Title:Foundation Knowledge Webcast: Changes in Water Use Under Regional Climate Change Scenarios
This Webcast presents findings from project #4263, which examined the potential impacts of future climate scenarios on water demand. The demand for water is highly dependent on climate, and weather-sensitive water uses typically comprise a large component of total water use. Geographical differences in climate and variability in observed weather conditions lead to differences in water usage patterns across different regions and seasonal time periods. Changes in climate from historical conditions, both in terms of mean weather conditions and variability, should be expected to influence the demand for water. The Webcast will illustrate the importance of climate in shaping water demand patterns and will estimate potential impacts from future climate scenarios for a set of case study utilities.
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The discussion will be framed by a reconnaissance-level assessment of regional demand-related vulnerabilities and will provide recommended techniques for water demand modeling and processing of downscaled climate information. The Webcast will also examine demand-side adaptation options for coping with the potential effects of climate change and offer closing remarks on future research directions. The final report for this project will be available before the Webcast on the#4263 project page.