Title:Management Technologies for Prevention and Mitigation of Legionella
There are several management technologies that can help control Legionella in building water systems. Many technical and practical considerations are necessary to choose the appropriate mitigation strategy for a particular site. This webcast will focus on the current understanding of prevention and mitigation technologies for Legionella management.

This is the second in a series of three webcasts on mitigation and control of Legionella in building water systems. In cooperation with NSF International, this series was derived from the conference Managing Legionella in Building Water Systems, held May 9-11, 2018 in Baltimore, Maryland. Topics for the first and third webcasts in the series are as follows:
  • Understanding Analytical and Monitoring Methods for Legionella in Building Water Systems (held September 18, 2018).
  •  Legionella Management and Guidelines (scheduled for December 4, 2018)
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Frank Sidari, PE, BCEE, Technical Director, SPL Consulting Services
Sheldon Masters, PhD, Corona Envirnmental Consulting, LLC
Joseph Cotruvo, PhD, Joseph Cotruvo & Associates, LLC

Grace Jang, PhD, Research Manager, The Water Research Foundation
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