Title:Assessing Current Asset Management Practices Using SAM GAP
It is said that good management comes from asking the right questions. But when it comes to strategic asset management, knowing which questions to ask isn't always easy. WERF and WaterRF research have developed a Web-based asset management gap analysis tool—SAM GAP—that not only asks the right questions, but provides guidance when your first question is, "Where do I start?" 
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SAM GAP can assist asset management practitioners of every level of expertise determine where their asset management practices are relative to the best run organizations, their peers, and most importantly, what is reasonable and relevant for their utility. This April 2010 Web seminar features a discussion of the SAM GAP tool and how you can benefit by using it to raise your level of asset management practice.
This archived Web seminar can be viewed from WERF’s Webcast page.
Presenter: Duncan Rose, GHD, Inc.
(Technical Note: the first few minutes of video is blank before displaying the presentation slides)