Title:Source Water Protection Cost-Benefit Webtool
Developed from project #4143, the Webtool is designed for immediate application by source water professionals. The Getting Started section assists users in identifying source water protection project options. Once an option is identified, users can use the cost/benefit tool to evaluate and compare the triple bottom-line costs and benefits of that option. An editable report can be generated which can be used for presentation to stakeholders.
Long Description:

The Webtool is available at

Water resources managers and other stakeholders need assistance in identifying and calculating the true costs and benefits of source water protection activities.  Cost/benefit calculations can help to evaluate, prioritize and ultimately “sell” the need for source water protection initiatives.  An economic analysis framework based on triple bottom line analysis, previously developed by Stratus Consulting, was adapted to source water protection. The framework allows the user to identify options for source water protection, assess costs and benefits (qualitative and quantitative), identify omissions and other forms of distortions that contribute to uncertainties, and compare the results to stakeholder perceptions.

The Webtool has the following features:

  • Getting Started - A tool is provided to identify source water protection strategies and best management practices based on knowing the contaminants and/or sources of concern. Links are provided to information on these strategies as well as general source water protection information.
  • Cost/Benefit Tool -   The tool is designed to assist users in evaluating the triple bottom-line costs and benefits of different source water protection options. A step-by-step approach is provided that walks users through the tool, compares different options and then provides a report in either PDF or Microsoft Word format.
  • Case Studies – A case study is provided that shows how the tool can be used to compare different options. Users can see the tool output and a report that was developed using the tool information. 
  • Supporting information – A glossary, cost/benefit tool tutorial, and explanation of economics concepts are provided.
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