Title:Taste and Odor Self-Assessment and Decision Tree
This webtool contains the Taste and Odor Self-Assessment Tool and the Taste and Odor Decision Tree.

The Self-Assessment Tool is designed to give a utility an indication of how well-prepared it is for a taste and odor event.


Long Description:
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The self-assessment covers four areas that are critical to managing tastes and odors in drinking water: management, communication, taste and odor identification, and taste and odor control. Once you complete the questions, this program will indicate your score and how you can best improve that score and become better prepared for a taste and odor event.

The Decision Tree will assist utilities in making management, communication, and treatment decisions during a taste and odor event.

In order to use this decision tree, you will need three pieces of information. The first is the characterization of the off-flavor. This decision tree is based upon the flavor characterizations using flavor profile analysis, presented in AwwaRF’s Identification and Treatment of Tastes and Odors in Drinking Water (Mallevaille and Suffet 1987).

The second piece of necessary information is the point of origin of the off-flavor. This program divides the potential points of origin into four categories: customer infrastructure, distribution system, water treatment facility, and source water.

Finally, the source water must be characterized as either groundwater or surface water. If you use both groundwater and surface water, determine which water is causing the problem, or consider that the taste-and-odor may be due to blending.

This webtool is a supplementary deliverable WRF project #2777.

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