Water Research Foundation Resources Expert Symposiums Large Pressure Pipe Structural Rehabilitation Conference 2016

The consequences of large diameter pipe failure can be enormous due to the supply challenges failures may cause, as well as risks to public safety and the environment. This conference was developed to address some critical issues related to large diameter pipe, especially options for rehabilitating large diameter pipe of various materials. The conference covered pipe materials including steel, cast and ductile iron, and PCCP pipe. There have been some innovations in the past several years regarding the application of structural linings for large diameter pipe.

The conference included presentations from consultants, manufacturers, and utilities.

View the conference presentations:

WRF Research Efforts on Large Diameter Pipes – Frank Blaha, Water Research Foundation

What is Structural Rehab? – Dan Ellison, HDR

Large Diameter Pipeline Rehabilitation – Charles Ngo, LADWP

Metropolitan’s PCCP Rehab Program – Mike McReynolds, Metropolitan Water District

Collapsed-Can Steel Liners: Design – Stephen F. Shumaker, CDM Smith

Collapsed-Can and Loose-Fit Steel Liners: Fabrication – Henry H. Bardakjian

CSPL 2 Sliplining: Loose-Fit Steel Lining – Tom Frisher, HDR

Sliplining Using HDPE – Mike Grahek, LADWP

Swagelining for Water Transmission and Sewer Force Main Renewal – Todd Grafenauer, Murphy Pipe

CIPP for Large Diameter Pressure Pipes – George Bontus, Aegion

Current Testing Results and Validation of the Tyfo® Fibrwrap® Systems for Pipeline Rehabilitation – Scott F. Arnold, Fyfe

Large Diameter Pipe Bursting – George Mallakis, TT Technologies, Inc.

Reline Construction: Challenges Above and Below – Mike Kenny, On-Site Technologies

Using StrongPIPE Hybrid FRP for PCCP Rehab in Miami-Dade System – Luis Aguiar, Miami-Dade Water & Sewer Department, and Anna Pridmore, Structural Technologies

Managing a PCCP Rehabilitation Program – Nathan Faber, SDCWA

Preserving Large Diameter Pipes With Cathodic Protection – Graham E.C. Bell, HDR, and Mark Bushyeager, Metropolitan Water District

Pipe Rehabilitation for a Seismic-Resilient System – Craig Davis, LADWP

Large-Diameter Pipeline Cathodic Protection at the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California – Mark Bushyeager, Metropolitan Water District