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Taste and odor are important criteria in determining customer attitudes about drinking water. Although most compounds that cause unfavorable aesthetics in drinking water are not a threat to human health, unpleasant tastes and odors are the most common cause of customer complaints and often play a role when customers choose alternatives like bottled water. A robust, on-going taste and odor management program, including a risk communication plan, is paramount for the efficient and customer-responsive utility.

‚ÄčTaste & Odor 101 -- Gary Burlingame, Philadelphia Water Department

Early warning of taste and odor events -- William Taylor, Metropolitan Water District of Southern California (retired)

Tracking/mining customer complaints and using sensory analyses for predictive power -- Andrea Dietrich, Virginia Tech University

Analytical methods and lab set up -- Djanette Khiari, Water Research Foundation

Risk communication planning -- Lisa Ragain, Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments