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​Register Your Utility to Participate in Research.
The Water Research Foundation seeks utilities to serve as a test facility, provide water samples, respond to surveys, loan equipment, or share your staff’s expertise on particular research projects. Utility participants are critical to helping us conduct quality studies. In return, you will gain firsthand information on the study and will benefit from working with researchers and others in the water community.   

A list of volunteer utilities is included in the project request for proposals (for solicited projects) or provided to the partner organization (for sole-source partnership projects).

Utilities are not obligated to participate in the projects for which they volunteer and may choose the research team(s) for which they are interested in volunteering. Project researchers select utility participants.

To Volunteer,  please complete this form. Information you submit here is subject to our privacy policy.
SelectProject #TitleResearch Area
5031Occurrence of PFAS Compounds in US Wastewater Treatment PlantsDetailsPer- and Polyfluoroalkyl Substances (PFASs)
5032Analysis of Corrosion Control Treatment for Lead and Copper ControlDetailsLead and Copper Management
5033Demonstrating the Effectiveness of Flushing for Reducing the Levels of Legionella in Service Lines and Premise PlumbingDetailsWaterborne Pathogens
5034Assessing the Microbial Risks and Potential Impacts from Stormwater Collection and Uses to Establish Best Management PracticesDetailsSustainable Integrated Water Management (SIWM)
5035Impact of Bromate Control on Ozone Oxidation and Disinfection and Downstream Treatment In Potable ReuseDetailsWater Reuse
5036Technical Brief: Compounds of Current and Future Interest and Implications for One WaterDetailsCECs/Trace Organics
5037Evaluation of Existing Source Separated Organic Feedstock Pre-Treatment and Management PracticesDetailsSource Separated Organic Feedstock
50382019 Roadmap Workshop on Prioritizing Permitting and Linkages Research in Water QualityDetailsLinkages in Water Quality (LINK)
5039Definition of Data-driven Utility - How to be Digital Utility and the Framework for an Intelligent Water SystemDetailsIntelligent Water Networks
5040Decentralized Reuse and Treatment Systems: Case Studies of Successful ImplementationDetailsIntegrated Water Management
4842Enhancement of Resilience to Extreme Weather and Climate Events: Proactive Flood ManagementDetailsSustainable Integrated Water Management (SIWM)
4972Expanding the Use of Wastewater Epidemiology Tools to Improve Water Quality, Identify Service Populations under Stress, and Promote One Water Goals for a Thriving CityDetailsSustainable Integrated Water Management (SIWM)

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