Water Research Foundation Funding Requests for Proposals Utility Participation in Research (UPIR)

​Register Your Utility to Participate in Research.
The Water Research Foundation seeks utilities to serve as a test facility, provide water samples, respond to surveys, loan equipment, or share your staff’s expertise on particular research projects. Utility participants are critical to helping us conduct quality studies. In return, you will gain firsthand information on the study and will benefit from working with researchers and others in the water community.   

A list of volunteer utilities is included in the project request for proposals (for solicited projects) or provided to the partner organization (for sole-source partnership projects).

Utilities are not obligated to participate in the projects for which they volunteer and may choose the research team(s) for which they are interested in volunteering. Project researchers select utility participants.

To Volunteer,  please complete this form. Information you submit here is subject to our privacy policy.
SelectProject #TitleResearch Area
4910Evaluating Key Factors that Affect the Accumulation and Release of Lead from Galvanized Pipes DetailsLead and Copper
4911Sampling and Monitoring Strategies for Opportunistic Pathogens in Drinking Water Distribution SystemsDetailsWaterborne Pathogens
4912Developing Guidance for Assessment and Evaluation of Harmful Algal Blooms, and Implementation of Control Strategies in Source WaterDetailsCyanobacterial Blooms and Cyanotoxins
4913Investigation of Treatment Alternatives for Short-Chain Poly and Perfluoroalkyl SubstancesDetailsPoly- and Perfluoroalkyl Substances
4914Utility Response to Cyanobacterial/Cyanotoxin Event; Case Studies and Lessons LearnedDetailsCyanobacterial Blooms and Cyanotoxins
4915Characterization and Contamination Testing of Source Separated Organic Feedstocks and Slurries for Co-Digestion at Resource Recovery FacilitiesDetailsSource Separated Organic
4916The Impact of Pre-Chlorination and GAC Treatment on DBP Formation and Overall Toxicity in Drinking WaterDetailsNon-Regulated DBPs
4917Utilizing Smart Water Networks to Manage Pressure and Flow for Reduction of Water Loss and Pipe BreaksDetailsIntelligent Water Networks

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