Alternative Water Source Requirements for Conventional Drinking Water Treatment - 4665
Completion Year Research Value Research Manager Principal Investigator Contractor
2018 $240,933.00 Ms. Katie Henderson Christopher Hill ARCADIS

There are many sources of water that utilities may consider for potable or non-potable reuse. While municipal wastewater effluent is the most researched, other sources include stormwater and graywater. Much of the research on the beneficial use of stormwater and graywater has focused on non-potable applications like landscape irrigation and toilet flushing. These non-potable systems are increasingly seen as viable options to help manage excess runoff, decrease potable water demands, and reduce environmental impacts.

Through literature review, workshop(s), and expert insight, this project will establish ranges for alternative source water quality parameters that would meet or exceed the threshold for “acceptability” in conventional drinking water treatment for potable reuse applications.

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Alternative Water Source Requirements for Conventional Drinking Water Treatment46655/18/2018 
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