Integrating Master Planning and Condition Assessment: A Road Map for Utilities - 4656
Completion Year Research Value Research Manager Principal Investigator Contractor
2018 $215,547.00 Dr. Jian Zhang Kurt Vause StreamlineAM, LLC

Condition assessment is usually geared toward detailed and expensive evaluation, which prevents many small and mid-size utilities from embracing condition assessment. This project developed a road map for utilities to transition from simple master planning to integrated Master Planning and Condition Assessment. This project helps move the water community toward appropriately supported, defensible water system master planning, including a systematic, tiered condition assessment program. Tailored Collaboration Partners: City of Bend, City of Bozeman, Manitowoc Public Utilities, Tacoma Public Utilities, and Tualatin Valley Water District. Published in 2018.

Web tools developed as part of this project allow utilities to (1) assess their readiness to apply the road map, (2) initiate risk unitization, and (3) determine the cost-effectiveness of condition assessment in relation to specific risks. The tools can be found below under Web Tools.

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Integrating Master Planning and Condition Assessment: A Road Map for Utilities465612/12/2018 
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