Utility Working Group

The Utility Working Group consists of utility and industry facility owners that subscribe to The Water Research Foundation. More than 600 facility owners and representatives currently participate in this group, which provides a peer-to-peer networking forum for new technology and innovation.

The Utility Working Group is responsible for clustering technologies and process into priority areas based on user needs and interests. These clusters become Focus Groups that facilitate engaged discussion among facility owners and provide an opportunity for owners and representatives to share related information, expertise, and experiences. Additionally, they provide a forum for collaboration and to leverage testing and implementation efforts.

Join the Utility Working Group

All subscribing facility owners are encourage to join the Utility Working Group. Get involved today!

Focus Groups

Biological Nutrient Removal

Collection Systems


Energy Efficiency

Energy Recovery

Intelligent Water Systems

Leak Detection & Asset Management

Odor Control

Per- and Polyfluoroalkyl Substances (PFAS)

Phosphorus Recovery

Small Facilities

Stormwater & Green Infrastructure

Water Reuse