Water Technology Survey Visualization

The Water Technology Survey was issued by LIFT to the whole of the water sector (wastewater, stormwater, drinking water, desalination, and water reuse facilities) to identify trends around the deployment of innovative technologies at utilities. Over 100 respondents have completed the survey—representing many of the largest water and wastewater utilities in North America and abroad. The visualization allows users to look at the aggregated (non-facility specific) data and analyze this data based upon facility type, size, location, and technology. 

Members of the Utility Working Group (i.e. WRF utility subscribers), can drill deeper and see full survey results—including utility specific information for the purposes of peer-to-peer networking, information sharing, and collaboration—by logging in to this website.

Using the Tool

  1. Select the water facility type that you are interested in: Wastewater, Stormwater, Drinking Water, Water Reuse, or Desalination.
  2. Select the technology category(s) of interest. Note: only for wastewater or drinking water.
  3. Select the specific technology(s) of interest to see. Note: there are only twelve distinct line colors.
  4. Select the geographic region(s) of interest. Note: by default all regions are selected, select/deselect sections of the map by clicking on them.
  5. Select the facility sizes of interest.

Utility Subscriber Instructions

The following functionality is available to utility-subscribers only:

  1. Select the facility specific filters of interest (flow, location, etc.)
  2. Click on the specific technology line of interest to get names/contacts of utilities with the technology’s current or projected future implementation. Note: you can also click on the specific technology title in number three.
  3. Select a specific utility to see the names of different technologies with their current or projected future implementation.

Please Note: Detailed information is available to current WE&RF municipal and industrial facility owner subscribers, but you must login to access this content. LOGIN NOW

Additional Information

  • Tool Notes

    In looking at the data, there are two key elements of a single line to keep in mind: 

    1. The height of a line shows the % of facility respondents that have or will have deployed a technology at a given time point (e.g., in the next 2 yrs.); and
    2. The slope of a line shows how quickly the technology moves from being first-of-a-kind, to leading edge, and ultimately to standard practice.

    Stormwater data is intentionally different from other facility types, as survey respondents were not required to provide the time of implementation for specific technologies.  

    The final time point, “unspecified”, represents an indeterminate timing, it does not necessarily represent a time point after ten years. Each utility’s responses were recorded as a single entry. It is assumed that over the time period shown no technology is removed so all counts are cumulative.

    At the final time point, if only 60% of respondents indicated that they will have deployed a given technology, that means the remaining 40% indicated that the technology was neither of interest nor applicable to their facility.

    For the detailed analysis: if you are looking at a facility, you will see all technologies, not just those selected (i.e., the technology filters are not active). If you are looking at a technology, the facility size and geography filters are still active.

    The base year for this data is 2017.

  • Technology Report

    LIFT and BlueTech Research partnered on the development of a market insight report analyzing wastewater data from the 2017 LIFT Water Technology Visualization Tool. The report (PDF) is available for free to WRF subscribers.

  • Help Us Make this Tool Better

    The visualization will be regularly updated to reflect new responses. Additionally, the survey will be reissued in a few years, and that data will be added on top of this to further track the uptake of water innovation over time.

    For questions about this survey, please contact the LIFT Water Technology Collaboration Manager, Fidan Karimova

    You are free to distribute the link to this page or still images of the visualization with attribution. Please attribute to the LIFT Program and The Water Research Foundation, and link to the source material as appropriate.

Subscriber Access to the Visualization

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