Volunteer Expert Pool

By joining the Volunteer Expert Pool (VEP), you will become a Technology Scan Reviewer on WRF TechLink and will be responsible for sitting on a Technology Scan Review Team. Each Technology Scan Review Team consists of at least 4 reviewers, with at least 2 of the team members being Experienced Reviewers (when possible).  When a technology application submitted, reviewers with relevant backgrounds will be selected from the Volunteer Expert Pool. The reviewers selected then have four weeks to complete their review and send the filled out Review Form and signed Conflict of Interest and Nondisclosure form back to us.

How to Apply

If you would like to join the Volunteer Expert Pool and meet the criteria listed below, please go to your WRF Tech Link profile, mark "Yes" for the “Are you interested in becoming a reviewer?" question, and attach a recent copy of your resume. 


In order to join the Volunteer Expert Pool (VEP) as a potential Technology Scan reviewer, you must meet the following criteria: 

Minimum Reviewer Qualifications

  • Bachelor’s degree in engineering, physical science, or related discipline (e.g., biology, chemistry, etc.)
  • 5 years practical experience in the water sector
  • Master’s degrees in engineering or physical sciences need at least 4 years of practical experience
  • Ph.D. degrees in engineering or physical sciences need at least 2 years of practical experience

Experienced Reviewer Qualifications

  • Must meet minimum reviewer guidelines
  • 5 additional years of practical experience in the water sector
  • Has previously reviewed at least 2 Technology Scans


The following organizations have members who have been accepted to the Volunteer Expert Pool:

Advanced Data Mining Intl
Alexandria Renew
American Water
Black & Veatch
Brown and Caldwell
Carollo Engineers
CDM Smith
Center for the Transformation of Waste Technology
City of Austin
City of Calgary
City of Fort Worth, Texas
City of Orlando
Clean Water Services
Collier County Public Utilities Department
Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment, Engineering Section 
Colorado School of Mines
Dallas Water Utilities
DC Water
Eastman Chemical Company
Effluential Synergies
Environmental Engineers LLC
FEI Engineers
Freese and Nichols, Inc.
Gannett Flemming, Inc.
Good Harbour Labs
Greeley and Hansen
Hampton Road Sanitation District- HRSD
Hazen and Sawyer
HDR Engineering, Inc.
Hillsborough County Public Utility
Holmes and McGrath
Houston, City of Intera
Kennedy Jenks Consultants
King County Dept. of Natural Resources
L2 Engineering
Lockwood, Andrews & Newnan, Inc.
LACSD- Sanitation Districts of Los Angeles County
Manhattan College
McKim & Creed
Metro Vancouver
modelEAU Universite Laval
MWRD Denver
NC State
O’Brien and Gere
Orange County Sanitation District
Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
PEER Consultants
Procter & Gamble
San Francisco Public Utilities Comission
Tetra Tech
Texas A&M
University of California- Irvine
University of Cincinnati
University of Kansas
University of Massachusetts
University of Nevada Reno
University of New Mexico
University of South Australia
University of South Florida
University of Washington
University of Wisconsin
Virginia Tech