Utility Management

The Utility Management program works to improve the complex business of collecting, treating, and delivering water. The program focuses on methods to improve business processes, practices to enhance the integration of these processes, and resources to bolster the development of innovation programs—all in an effort to improve utility performance and overall capabilities.

Utility Analysis & Improvement Methodology

The purpose of the Utility Analysis and Improvement Methodology (UAIM) project is to develop a business reference model and information clearinghouse for the water industry that is complimentary to the existing foundational programs on Utility Management. UAIM will build on Effective Utility Management (EUM), Utility of the Future, and previous WRF research on management and decision support systems. Each of these programs effectively portrays what is important for a sustainable utility. This research and the business process reference model help utilities understand how to take the next step to execute and deliver results to embody the characteristics of effective utilities. 

Fostering Innovation

Project #1399

Case Study on Barriers and Solutions for Putting Innovation into Practice


Case study details the experience and examines the challenges in pursuing innovation in the water sector. The project sought to identify the real-time barriers to innovation faced by...

Project #4717

Innovative Technologies to Effectively Manage Deteriorating Infrastructure


Water utilities are increasingly recognizing the importance of properly managing their infrastructure investments to achieve higher system reliability and service level at lower costs. As new technologies emerge...

Project #1482

LIFT Link Online Platform


LIFT Link is an online platform which allows users to discover new technologies, research and technology needs, topical experts and solutions, pilot and demonstration sites, and data. It...

Project #4971

Leveraging the Role of Pretreatment Programs in One Water Initiatives: Synethesis of Best Practices and Path Forward

In Progress

To support the concept of One Water, utilities and municipalities are better integrating water resources and expanding on traditional pretreatment programs. These innovations can provide a meaningful and...

Project #5003

Perlemax Technology Validation

In Progress

Through this project, the Perlemax fluidic oscillation technology for wastewater treatment aeration will be validated using the resources and expertise available through the Leaders Innovation Forum for Technology...

Project #4907

WRF1729 Leading Water Utility Innovation

In Progress

This project will develop an innovation leader’s guide to help utilities implement successful innovation programs. The objectives of the project are to (1) equip utilities to assess and...