Technology Scans

Technology Scans are designed to move innovation into practice and have engaged more than 1,200 organizations representing municipal and industrial facility owners, consulting firms, regulators, and venture capitalists.

Using a 3-step process, Technology Scans begin with an application from the provider of innovative technology or process. The technology is then evaluated for its commercial readiness, and all technical claims are reviewed. Upon successful review, selected technologies are invited to present to our audiences, which are appropriate to their commercial readiness, to garner interest in the early adoption of the technology. WRF is also available to help develop and manage independent, peer-reviewed technology evaluations.

The process is free to innovators and the application does NOT require access to business-sensitive or confidential material.

The Technology Scans process identifies, evaluates, and markets innovative technologies and processes to inform water facility owners, funders, advisors, and end-users in order to promote early adoption of the technologies. We offer innovators an optimal platform to introduce their emerging, pre-commercial, or newly commercialized technologies. In the interest of ensuring that water utilities are aware of and consider all available innovations, we invite all water innovators to tell us about your technology.

Submit Your Technology

Complete an application in LIFT Link to have your technology reviewed by our expert panel.

Not only has LIFT helped to legitimize our technology within the municipal biosolids sector, it has also been a source of multiple serious project leads.

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Project and Business Development
Ecoremedy, LLC
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How to Submit

Submitting your technology is easy, just follow these four steps. For more details on the application process, or to see the application questions, check out the Technology Scan Application guidelines PDF.

1. Request Access

Request access to LIFT Link by emailing us.

Email US 

Sign in to LIFT Link using the link below.

Access LIFT Link

3. Set-up Your Profile

When you first sign-in to LIFT Link, you will be prompted to complete your account profile. Fill our your profile and sign in again.

4. Complete Your Application

Click the "Apply Now" button in LIFT Link, fill out your technology information, and click submit. Successful submissions will receive a confirmation email.


Contact us with questions about Technology Scans.

Expert Review Panel

A technical review of these applications was conducted by expert panels representing the consulting, academic, and utility perspectives. These panels provide feedback the claims made in the applications and confirm or revise the technology development level. Are you interested in helping?


Graduates are technologies that since their acceptance via a Technology Scan have made significant progress and are now widely deployed in a geographic market. To learn more about the program, please see the Graduates page.

Funding Opportunities

Are you already involved and looking for funding to support pilot and demonstrations of an innovation? Learn more about our funding opportunities.

Technology Validation

Are you seeking a trusted, neutral 3rd party to evaluate a technology? Standing upon 50+ years of research experience, we are able to provide guidance, insight, and analysis to your pilot or demonstration effort.