WRF Technology Scan Webcast Series: Operator Decision Support Tool


WRF Technology Scan webcasts are designed to help you become a Utility of the Future! This webcast focused on innovative water technologies related to Operator Decision Support Tools. The following products and systems were featured during the presentation:

eRIS Tech Provider
eRIS empowers municipal water and wastewater clients to manage, analyze, and visualize enterprise data in a single hub. Implementation typically takes only days. Instant data access and powerful analytics help clients see their systems and make better decisions. Logbooks enhance the visibility of dynamic operations. eRIS saves time, money, reporting headaches, and unnecessary operational expenses.

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Waterhound Futures Limited
Waterhound is cloud-based predictive modeling software combining machine learning and AI to design, monitor, and analyze performance and cost efficiencies in water/wastewater treatment systems and processes. A digital twin (i.e., a virtual model of a real asset) is created with actionable information for operators, engineers, and management. Waterhound is based on first principles and 20 years of water industry know-how.

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Tim Kruse, Vice President, Westin Technology Solutions 
Tony Jones, Chief Executive Officer, Waterhound Futures Limited

Fidan Karimova, Innovation Program Manager, The Water Research Foundation

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