WRF Technology Scan: Wastewater Treatment


The Water Research Foundation's Technology Scan webcasts are designed to help you become a Utility of the Future! This webcast will focus on innovative water technologies related to wastewater treatment. The following products and systems were featured during the presentation:

WRF Tech Scan Overview

Clean Water Ops - ScumMover
ScumMover is a device that keeps the center well of a circular clarifier free of floating material. Debris is vacuumed from the water surface and pumped to the wastewater treatment plant’s scum pit. Items larger than ½-inch are captured in a disposable/reusable bag.

CleanWaterOps Slides

Moleaer – Nanobubble Generation Technology
Moleaer™ is an American-based nanobubble technology company with a mission to unlock the full potential of nanobubbles to enhance and protect water, food, and natural resources. Moleaer established the nanobubble industry in the United States by developing the first nanobubble generator that can perform cost-effectively at municipal and industrial scales.

Moleaer Slides