WRF Technology Scan: Emerging Decentralized Technologies


The Water Research Foundation's Technology Scan webcasts are designed to help you become a Utility of the Future! This webcast focused on emerging decentralized technologies.

Technology: Multiparameter Membrane Free Amperometric Chlorine Sensor - Halogen Systems, Inc.
Travis Silveri, Product Manager 

This new integrated sensor measures chlorine as well as pH, conductivity, temperature and oxidation reduction potential. It is flow independent and measures accurately in 0 to 10 feet per second of velocity. The sensor continually self-cleans and automatically compensates for pH. It does not require calibration for many months. It requires no waste stream, which can save 69,000 gallons per year of water.

Technology: Facultative Membrane Bio-Reactor - JDL Global Environmental Protection, Inc.
Yinhong (Jim) Cheng, Business Manager

FMBR is a modern, low-energy, small-footprint MBR wastewater treatment technology that provides a single-tank solution for onsite wastewater collection and treatment. The FMBR produces clean water effluent that can be reused onsite while generating a minimum volume of sludge requiring further processing or offsite disposal. And it reduces 70%-80% cost in plant construction and operation.

Sydney Samples, Innovation Program Manager
David Morroni, Innovation Program Coordinator
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