Webcast: Hexavalent Chromium Treatment with Strong Base Anion

Jun 9, 2019
On July 1, 2014, the nation’s first MCL specifically for hexavalent chromium [Cr(VI)] was adopted by the California State Water Resources Control Board Division of Drinking Water, formerly Department of Public Health.  In anticipation of and preparation for compliance with the MCL, the Soquel Creek Water District (District) led the WRF Tailored Collaboration project #4488,
Hexavalent Chromium Treatment with Strong Base Anion Exchange (SBA-IX), for which this Webcast is based on.

This project conducted an in-depth investigation of SBA-IX for Cr(VI) removal and residual brine management alternatives.  While SBA-IX is a well-established drinking water technology for many contaminants, prior to the TC project, limited research had investigated SBA-IX for Cr(VI) removal.  Project #4488 revealed that, in the water supply tested, SBA-IX repeatedly achieved greater than 20,000 bed volumes of treatment prior to regeneration.  Brine recycle and treatment approaches also proved effective in minimizing waste residuals volumes.  The findings from project #4488 confirmed SBA-IX as the best available treatment technology for the District and prompted the District to construct the first SBA-IX system specifically for potable Cr(VI) treatment.  The report for this project has been posted on the WRF website.​