Sustainable Infrastructure Management Program Learning Environment (SIMPLE), Foundation Project #4013

Jun 9, 2019
Web Tool

SIMPLE version 1.1 is designed to (1) provide a comprehensive understanding of asset management at strategic and operational levels, (2) promote information exchange among asset management practitioners, and (3) help implement asset management programs at water and wastewater utilities. It is an asset management guidance manual with a chat room, a question and answer section, and some interactive tools / downloadable worksheets. Three tools were added in 2008-9, the Strategic Asset Management Gap Analysis Tool (SAM GAP), Benefit Cost Analysis Tool (BCA), and Risk Management Tool. SAM GAP is an online questionnaire and benchmarking tool that will help users identify areas for improvement in their asset management programs. The Benefit Cost Analysis Tool and the Risk Management Tool are MS Excel worksheets and guidance information for engineers and asset managers.

The SIMPLE Web site is hosted by WERF and is available to Foundation subscribers from this link:

Go to the SIMPLE Web site (You are about to leave the Foundation Web site.)


  • To view the most updated versions of tools, go to the SIMPLE Website and click on the links to SAM GAP or SAM TOOLS on the horizontal banner.
  • To order the WaterRF Report/CDs of the tools, go to
    • Benefit Cost Analysis Tool (BCA) – 4127 and order the CD-Rom
    • Tool for Risk Management of Water Utility Assets – 4126 and order the report (CD included)
  • To view the short WERF report, Assessing Utility Practices With The Strategic Asset Management Gap Analysis Tool (SAM GAP), download the report.