Social Media for Water Utilities


Date: 12/15/16

This webcast explored the findings of Social Media for Water Utilities (#4638). This project explored the business case for utility executives and board members to invest in social media. The project provides guidance to utility communications and customer service staff for meeting their everyday social media engagement needs in a way that is easy to start and simple to maintain over time. This webcast discussed how water utilities are, and should be, using social media, based on the results from four complementary research approaches:

  • Literature Review: Determined what has already been discovered about drinking water utilities' and wastewater utilities' use of social media, an extensive literature review was conducted
  • Social Media User Survey: Four hundred Facebook users were asked to share their thoughts on connecting with their water utilities on social media
  • Benchmarking Effort: The social media profiles and activities of 60 small, medium, and large drinking water, wastewater, and stormwater utilities across the country were analyzed and compared
  • Case studies: Eight utilities shared insights about specific aspects of their social media use

The webcast also highlighted additional resources developed by the project, including a Social Media Posting Tool, FAQs, and Executive Briefing.

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